Security Update - Heartbleed

Dear Customers, On April 7th, 2014 a security issue, commonly referred to as “Heartbleed”, was discovered in a software library used by many major Internet companies, including HDWEBPROVIDER. Our security engineers reacted immediately and an update to all services was released less than 24 hours after its disclosure. Our internal ... Read More »

12th Apr 2014
Security Vulnerability: Linux Server OpenSSL ("Heartbleed")

On April 07, 2014 a severe vulnerability in OpenSSL was announced. Known formally as TLS heartbeat read overrun (CVE-2014-0160) and dubbed the "Heartbleed Bug", this flaw allows for the theft of information normally protected by SSL/TLS encryption. Specifically, the Heartbleed Bug allows memory to be read on systems using ... Read More »

9th Apr 2014