I already sent payment. Why am I still being emailed that I need to pay?

Are you a new customer? It is possible we asked you to verify your new account first, and then pay a second time. Click here to read why.

Other reasons:

If you paid with PayPal, the payment will take several days to clear. 
Your invoice will remain due until that time.

Please email sales@hdwebprovider.net and provide the PayPal Transaction ID in question.

Check, Money Order, Cash

If you mailed us the payment, you will continue to receive the non-payment email notification until we receive your payment.

Western Union, EFT

These payments take extra time to apply, so you will continue to receive the non-payment email notification until we apply your payment.

If the above doesn't apply to you, it simply means we have not been paid and you should contact HDWEBPROVIDER™ via phone, live chat, or email sales@hdwebprovider.net to find out why. 

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