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What happens if my domain name expires?

As every Registrar, HDWEBPROVIDER™ has no control over deleted domain names. However, we can request to restore domain-name at the International registry for Domains.

They charges higher fees for Restoring a domain name and hence, Restoration is an expensive process. It is time-consuming too and usually gets completed within 7 days. The registry charges USD 125.00 for this restoration request. If you would like us to request this $125.00 restore for you, please contact billing to request a domain restore. 

We also advise to place the order again if it's available. The restore facility ends normally after 90 days. Sometimes it's possible that domains get available again after this period. 
In this case, you can just place a standard order of this name again for normal price. [Only when the name gets available again] 

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