cPanel Removing PHP4 Support

  • Monday, 23rd July, 2012
  • 23:22pm

cPanel has recently removed support for all versions of PHP 4. As a result of this change any updates to the web stack using their Easy Apache software build tool will result in PHP 4 being removed from the server. cPanel has released an unsupported module to provide users with the ability to retain PHP 4 on their web server, but this is an unsupported solution by cPanel and may not work in all situations nor will cPanel stand behind it.

HDWEBPROVIDER will still provide our industry leading "Best Effort" support to build PHP 4 for our customers if it is needed, however we cannot guarantee that a stable and functional build is always possible under these circumstances.

PHP 4 reached end of life on 1/1/08 and has not received any critical security updates since 8/7/08. To ensure your PHP installation is getting regular security updates it is strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest PHP 5.3 version. There may be some feature and code compatibility issues with moving older PHP 4 code bases to PHP 5 and it is recommended that all code is tested under a PHP 5 environment prior to switching the production environment over to PHP 5.

If you would like assistance with upgrading PHP or have questions or concerns about what this means for you, please contact us by one of the following means:

Open a ticket through your management interface
Call us by phone
or Initiate a Live Chat

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