PHP 5.3 Upgrade - 2012 requirement on all servers

  • 15th January 2012
Upgrade scheduled on Jan 18th The HDWEBPROVIDER network is designed so that this type of maintenance can be performed without any downtime. Since the release of PHP 5.2.14 back in July 2010, the PHP development team has been encouraging all PHP 5.2 users to upgrade to PHP 5.3. This release also signaled the end of active support for PHP ...
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Upgrading Billing System - Lots of new features

  • 1st December 2011

Coming features in your account. Please be advised that our billing system will be upgraded to the latest stable release to take advantage of features and stability to server you better.
Thank you!

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IP6 Security Protocols - Update Secure File Transfer Client Guide

  • 10th June 2011
IP6 Security Protocols - Update   Dear Customers, Due to new security protocols, plain Unsecured sFTP has been disabled on our network. To use sFTP, you will need to enable the SFTP or SCP option in your FTP Program. SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocal) and SCP (Secure CoPy) are intended as a replacement for FTP (File Transfer Protocal).With SFTP ...
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Free reseller upgrade.

  • 27th May 2010
Dear valued customer, HD Web Provider is celebrating the new expansion in our Worldclass Datacenter with 1600 more racks. All reseller accounts have been upgraded with Free Extra Space & Bandwidth. reseller can always upgrade from their current package. Our dedicated support staff will more ...
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