What software and program versions does HDWEBPROVIDER™ offer?

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Apache         2.2.15

PHP              5.2.13

Perl              5.8.8

MySQL         5.1.30 (upgrading to 5.1.47)

JSP             Available only on dedicated plans

cPanel         11.25, however auto updated to latest version GD / Image Magic 6.3.9

All shared and reseller accounts come with:

*Linux x86 CentOS 5.x (a free version of RedHat) 32 bit Operating System
*Dual Xeon E5520 2.26 GHz Quad Core Processors
*Apache 2.2.x , (includes mod_rewrite and mod_security) in a SuExec environment
*exim Internet Mailer
*WHM 11.25.x
*cPanel 11.25.x
*PHP 5.2.x , PHP is run as CGI (not Apache/DSO) in a suPHP environment
*Zend Optimizer 3.3.9 , PEAR 1.7.x , ionCube 3.3.7 , GnuPG 1.2.6 , GD2 Library (2.0.34), openSSL 0.9.8, SOAP
*PHP Modules - full list
*phpMyAdmin 2.11.8.x
*MySQL Database 5.1.x
*Chilisoft 4.0.2L (upon request)
*cURL 7.15.x (also libcurl and PHP/CURL)
*PERL 5.8.x , PCRE Library Version 7.8
*Python 2.4.3
*ImageMagick 6.3.9
*RoundCube 0.2b, SquirrelMail 1.4.13, Horde 3.1.7p8
*Sitebuilder 4.5.0, Site Studio 1.6RC3
*Fantastico Scripts [see versions]: Blogs (WordPress), CMS (Drupal and Joomla), Discussion Boards (phpBB3), Shopping Carts (osCommerce),    Image Galleries, php Mailing List, Sitebuilders, Wiki

We do our best to keep software and program versions as up to date as possible. Our technical team regularly evaluates software updates and pushes updates across HDWEBPROVIDER™'s servers as they are deemed secure and appropriate for HDWEBPROVIDER™'s shared hosting environment.

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