Advertising page on my site! Why do I see an advertisement when I type my IP address?That is a page on our server. You share... Bandwidth pro Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred to and from your account in one month.... Can I use my account and my site if domain name hasn't propagated Yes, you can use your website without a domain name.We provide you a temporary URL in your... Create a temporary one page site Also known as a landing page or an under-construction page.This is the perfect solution for a... Default ownership and permissions Dreamweaver, WordPress Direct, Excite, XSite publishing These programs work well for publishing to your primary domain name, but it can be tricky to... Email verification for tickets Box trapper helps us reduce spam. The first time you submit a ticket, you will need to check your... File Manager getting started If you want to upload files quicker, and have more options as well as control we recommend using... Free downloadable templates for my website. The 4500 templates can be downloaded at You must have experience... General Info & Getting Started Page Welcome to! We are glad to have you, and we will work to keep you.Shared Web... Google AdWords We are now giving free vouchers to all shared web hosting clients for $25 in Google AdWords... Google Analytics Vs Awstats Google Analytics and Awstats reports do NOT match up.They are supposed to show different data.... Google Apps tools overview Google Apps EmailGoogle Apps Email is a free mail service provided by Google. It supports POP3... Help, how to use the Search tool At the top of this page is the Search tool. You can type in whatever topic you need help with.As... How can I get my free website transfers? If you wish to transfer your domain registration to us, please click here.The free transfers... How do I change my DNS or name servers? If you purchased your domain from HDWEBPROVIDER™, then you can manage it online. Please read How... How do I clear my web browser's cache? Each time you access a file through your web browser, the browser caches it (stores it). In this... How do I get and use SSH access? Yes, we offer SSH (secure shell) access.Note: Due to a recent OpenSSH exploit, we have since... How do I update my name server IPs? I just switched my hosting and I need to update my name server IPs to the ones you gave me.If you... How to enable PHP4, PHP5 PHP 4 is no longer supported. New servers and old servers are upgraded to php5 as the new... How to get on the search engines, Google You do not need to contact Google to become part of their search engine. Google and other... How to move a Drupal site from one host to another. Here are the detailed steps how to successfully move a complete Drupal installation from one host... How to use robots.txt What is the purpose of the robots file?This file tells search engines what they should and should... Is Agora Cart available? Agora Cart is no longer available in cPanel.Instead, you can download the installation... My IP is different than what I was told. Please understand that we have 5 different IP addresses for each shared server.This means that... Perl Modules You can see all of the perl modules supported by entering cPanel and clicking the Perl Modules... Problems with WildBlue ISP You may have some problems accessing your control panels and webmail when using Internet... Propagation Times Propagation is the process where your new name server (DNS) information is spread to all the... Shell Commands The following is a breakdown of the most commonly used commands and the most commonly used... Split domain routing HDWEBPROVIDER™ does not offer or support split domain routing.We suggest you register a test... Template Monster and AdBrite Template monster is web site template company that provides amazing web site templates that are... Temporary URL The temporary URL is used when your domain name is not... Web Application Framework A web application framework is software that aims to reduce server work associated with common... Web page stats outside of cPanel? Can I make my web statistics public, or viewable by another person?We can create a symlink for... Weird robots.txt behavior on SEO servers It is time you learned about HDWEBPROVIDER™'s robots.txt file which we push to all SEO hosting... What are my name servers? Not sure what the names servers are for your website's domain name?Please read your welcome... What do I need to have an online store? Despite what many hosts want you to think, having an online store doesn't have much to do with... What is a RSS Feed? SS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds provide news headlines, brief article descriptions and links... What is the difference between domains vs hosting vs website? There are three basic parts that make up any current day web site:*The domain name*The... What name servers or DNS is my site currently using? If would like to check what name servers (DNS) your site's domain name is currently using, simply... When will my domain start working? Propagation If you have a new domain name, you must change the name servers so they point to HDWEBPROVIDER™.... Where can I view if my name servers were setup correctly and what IPs they currently use? How do I check my current nameservers and which IP addresses they are using?You can check by... Where do I go to login to my control panel? -Hatchling, Baby, and Business plans will login to cPanel. (These accounts do NOT get access to... Why do I see a folder? All reseller accounts are setup with a folder named in your public_html... WordPress MU I can't get WPMU installed on your servers! It's not working! What can you do?1. Make sure you... WordPress preventing you from password protecting a directory? You wish to password protect a subdirectory with a .htpassword and .htaccess, but you have... default.html, start page This is a home page provided by HDWEBPROVIDER™. You may delete it at anytime.Normally, when you... openDNS Open DNS is relatively simple to use, has a 99.99% success rate, and can even cause every single...
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