ASP, active server pages We can support .asp on our Linux servers with Chilisoft (a third-party, non-microsoft edition of... Am I allowed to have MP3s ? You are allowed to host mp3 files, but you may not host any files with a copyright belonging to... Anti-virus There is no need for us to provide anti-virus on a Linux box. We manage those, and our security... Are your servers PCI compliant? All of the cluster servers which make up HDWEBPROVIDER™ have been updated for PCI compliance. If... Are your servers Unix / Linux, or Windows NT? All HDWEBPROVIDER™ Shared and Reseller servers run on CentOS Linux, which is identical to Red Hat... Awards and Reviews We have great reviews and are the number one hosting reseller in the world. We are proving every... Backup policy, Do you provide backups? You are responsible for your backups and web content.You can create your own backup in the... Bandwidth policies and prices Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred to and from your account in one month.... Can I host friends? Yes, you can host sites for your friends on your Web Hosting account, as long as you are not... Can I use Boonex Software (Ray, Dolphin & Orca) ? This software will work on our shared servers, however you will NOT be able to use the... Custom Installations Can I install the programs myself?As long as you can upload the install files to your site and... Do you accept AlertPay. Can i pay with AlertPay?   Yes, We accept payments via AlertPay for web hosting services including Reseller Hosting,... Do you accept Moneybookers. Can i pay with moneybookers? Yes, We accept payments via Moneybookers for web hosting services including Reseller Hosting,... Do you allow KVM on dedicated? KVM is a external box that lets you connect to our server and act like you have a monitor,... Do you offer Telnet? Yes, telnet will work by default.Telnet Command = telnet port#example telnet... Do you offer support in other languages? We offer support in English, Spanish, Portugese and Dutch. However, our cPanel has all major... Do you offer white label hosting? "White label" means products which can be branded.Yes, our reseller and dedicated customers can... Do you support LAMP? LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Yes, we do have all of these on our shared... Does HDWEBPROVIDER™ support FastCGI ? FastCGI is enabled on all of our servers at this time.To enable FastCGI on a your account, simply... Does HDWEBPROVIDER™ work with Macs? Yes, it does.Everything on your account works on our servers, so it doesn't matter what your... Glossary Ad Server - An ad server is a computer server, specifically a web server, that stores... HDWEBPROVIDER™ has gone Green How has HDWEBPROVIDER™ gone green?HDWEBPROVIDER™ has purchases certified Texas Wind Renewable... How can I transfer my Blogger site to HDWEBPROVIDER™ hosting? Since Blogger isn't an actual hosting company, there's no real way to transfer the site from... How do I move with no downtime? Switching to a new host can be a complicated process. Follow our steps to ensure that your move... How do I renew my hosting? Your hosting plan will automatically renew every billing cycle (normally month-to-month).All you... How long does it take to setup my account? After you pay for the hosting:- Shared accounts take less than 1 hour to set up.- Reseller... How many accounts per server? I cannot offer an estimate.We have multiple accounts on the shared and reseller servers, and it... How many servers does HDWEBPROVIDER™ have and where are they located? We have over 7000 servers at The Planet in Dallas and Houston, Texas. How many websites can I build? There is no way to determine the number of websites you can host on our accounts. The number will... How much traffic can I have? There is no way to determine the maximum number of visitors your site can sustain. Each site is... How often do you update programs? We update each program as soon as our server administration team approves it.Often updates are... How to transfer hosting with no down time. What about my Database?If you are concerned about your databases staying up-to-date, all you need... How to transfer your wordpress blog from one host to another host First thing first, make a backup of your database using phpMyAdmin. Once you have successfully... I do not see an option to sign up as an existing customer: Add this order to my account. When signing up for an account, if you do not see the option for: Add this order to my account,... IP address - static vs dynamic, public vs private, shared vs reseller An IP address is the location of a computer on the internet.Example: Here are some... Inode usage limits An inode is a data structure used to keep information about a file on your hosting account. The... Is PHP running as Apache or CGI? Normally, we run PHP as CGI.Shared and Reseller hosting cannot change this.Dedicated server... Is WYSIWYG available? What You See Is What You Get... WYSIWYGIt's a type of HTML editor that lets you make webpages... Is there any contract for hosting? There are no contracts to keep you at HDWEBPROVIDER™. You may pay month to month and cancel when... Legal and Acceptable Content Acceptable content for websites. Does HDWEBPROVIDER™ allow my site?For more information, we... PEAR packages If you need any of these modules, please contact us via phone, live chat, or email... PHP 5.3 At this time, on shared/reseller servers, we are not upgrading to 5.3.1.This is only allowed on... PHP modules If you need any of these modules, please contact us via phone, live chat, or email... RAID We have RAID10 on our shared and reseller servers.What is it? Raid is... Ruby on Rails and gems Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework. It aims to increase the speed and ease... SAS 70 Type II HDWEBPROVIDER™ is fully SAS 70 Type II compliant. Scheduled backups - Linux Shared and Reseller: You cannot schedule backups. We do not supply a script which can backup your... SecFilterEngine and SecFilterScanPOST If you require hosting to have SecFilterEngine Off or SecFilterScanPOST Off, do not worry.Those... Server Locales, languages supported by the server operating system HDWEBPROVIDER™ servers do support other languages other than English.The operating system... Technology Grant HDWEBPROVIDER™ will gladly provide free or reduced price web hosting to qualifying non-profits. Tell me about Apache. Apache is the program on our servers used to view web pages. What are the maximum number of... Tell me about free content transfers The free transfers include website files, databases and scripts. The Planet Datacenter Our data centers are at The Planet. All of our servers (shared and dedicated) are located in... Tomcat Java Tomcat is currently supported on Linux and Windows dedicated servers only, as well as our VPS... Uptime Guarantee Important: *If a shared or reseller server has more than 0.1% downtime during any month, you... Web hosting discount prices Please use the coupon code of the month. What control panel do you use and do you have a demo? The control panel we use is called cPanel. If you have Reseller or Dedicated Hosting, we provide... What does Fully Managed mean? HDWEBPROVIDER™ accounts which get fully managed support are: *Shared webhosting *Reseller... What file system do you use on Linux? Linux supports many different file systems, but common choices for the system disk include the... What is Server Load? Load expresses how many processes are waiting in the queue to access the computer processor. Of... What is the best coupon code for me? You can find our current coupon code / promotional code on the front page of hdwebprovider.comThe... What makes a username or password invalid? Here are the rules for your hosting user name and password.Username must be alphanumeric and... What software and program versions does HDWEBPROVIDER™ offer? Quick Reference Apache         2.2.15 PHP              5.2.13 Perl              5.8.8 MySQL... What version of PHP are you using? We are running PHP 5 installed on all of our shared and reseller servers. Where can I get help with Design and Coding Issues? We do not offer a service like this at HDWEBPROVIDER™, but we can provide you with a solution. Why choose HDWEBPROVIDER™? Why buy with HDWEBPROVIDER™?At HDWEBPROVIDER™ we are proud to be the best.That is why we offer... Why don't you allow overselling ? Non-Oversold Reseller Web HostingWe pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality... Will my existing email accounts be transferred over as well? If your previous hosting company uses cPanel, then we can migrate your current email boxes and... Will my website work in China? China has a sophisticated firewall. The government blocks many sites because of their variety of... Will you place ads on my site? will NOT place ads on your site. That is one of the many advantages of having a... kSplice kSplice is being rolled out onto the dedicated servers at this time. This roll out will... open new Port Can you give me access to a specific port number?For shared servers, we can only open outbound... socket connections A socket is defined as one endpoint of a two-way communication link between two programs running...
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