Can I use FTP as an off server backup? We don't recommend it, as it can be considered a "file dump" which is against our TOS. What is... Common FTP Socket Errors A socket is defined as one endpoint of a two-way communication link between two programs running... Do you need help with FTP? We have step-by-step videos for various programs. FileZilla FTP Configuring your account Managing your files and directories Transferring filesCore... Dreamweaver settings How to publish with Dreamweaver: 1.Open your Dreamweaver and look in the top menus. Click "Sites"... FTP Settings and Connection - How Do I FTP Due to IP6 Security Protocols, HDWEBPROVIDER™ servers run on Secure FTP. Please select the SFTP... FrontPage publishing FrontPage settingsWith FrontPage Extensions: * In cPanel, FrontPage Extensions must be installed.... How to Use Web FTP / browser-based FTP How to use browser-based FTP (also known as WebFTP) on your Windows PC:Open My Computer (do NOT... How to control FTP sessions You can view live FTP sessions occurring on your account right from cPanel. You have the ability... How to create an FTP account An FTP account is basically used to upload and manage your files on your web site.By default, an... How to set up an anonymous FTP message An anonymous FTP message is displayed when an anonymous FTP user connects to an FTP account.This... How to set up anonymous FTP access Anonymous FTP access has been disabled due to security issues. This is not the best solution... How to use FTP via Internet Explorer Warning: This may only work with older browsers. Please try using Web Disk instead.Microsoft has... If you are behind a router enable passive FTP mode If you are behind a router, please enable passive FTP mode. My FTP is really slow or disconnects often. Why? Go into your FTP options and see if passive mode is checked ,if it is, uncheck it. If it is not... Publishing Issues First, Refresh the webpage in your browser.All website files must be inside the public_html... SFTP and FTPS SFTP is FTP using SSH. FTPS is FTP over SSL or TLS.SFTP is allowed on any server, and you can... Where can I download a free FTP? There are several FTP clients which you may download and install for free. We have video... Why am I not allowed to upload files? Make sure you are uploading to the right web directory, which is inside the public_html or www... Why does my FTP fail to connect? If your FTP progam is not connecting properly, here are some possible reasons: 1. Your firewall... Why doesn't my FTP password change when I change my cPanel password? Please allow 24 hours for your FTP password to sync with your cPanel password. If it does not...
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