About reseller WHM We provide all resellers with a limited WHM. These limits help us control what actions the... About root WHM We provide a full WHM with root access for all dedicated owners. All WHM users have:- the... Branding This feature allows reseller and dedicated owners to brand your cPanel. This means you can create... Change an account cPanel Password in WHM This tutorial will show you how to modify an account's password in WHM. 1) Find the Account... Changed Package, but customer's new settings are not showing up Editing a hosting package may not edit the sites that are already on the package. To get your... Edit Reseller DNS Zone Template As a reseller you are able to update the default DNS zone template that is used when creating a... Fantastico De Luxe WHM Admin This feature will not work on a reseller account. You will need a dedicated server to have this... How do I create an account? Before you can create a new account, you must create a package in WHM. Once the package is... How do I log into the Web Host Manager? (WHM) To log into your WHM, you can go to any of the following links. Just make sure to customize the... How to change DNS zones (MX, CNAME, and A records) Shared: You do not have access to make that change. Please contact HDWEBPROVIDER™ via phone, live... How to limit the icons which appear in cPanel, Feature Manager The feature manager allows you to disable/enable icons inside of each client's cPanel. Once you... I cannot change packages anymore, resources over allocated When a reseller grants too much disk space or bandwidth to all his clients, we say you are "over... I entered some information and then WHM says I left it blank You are likely using the wrong character set on your computer's keyboard. Learn WHM These are great resources we hope will help:Learn WHMWHM User Manual Manage DNS Zones You can find this in WHM under DNS Functions. This area is for advanced users only, so please... Modify cPanel/WHM News This feature in WHM will allow a reseller to send a message which will appear on all clients'... Reseller increase client's disk space (aka quota) To increase your client's disk space, please go to WHM > Account Functions > List Accounts... Setup Remote Access Key A Remote Access Key is used for automatic account creation scripts, external billing software,... Skeleton Directory In WHM, this page tells you the location of the folder where you can place files for your... Suspending/Unsuspending Accounts Instead of reading this, you can watch the movie tutorial.You can find this in WHM under Account... WHM Contact Email Just go to WHM, List Accounts. You can update the contact email for each account here.You can... WHM Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request This tool will allow you to create a CSR.We prefer you use the online form to accomplish... WHM Interactive Knowledgebase The Interactive Knowledgebase enables you to find solutions to many common problems you may... WHM Modify Suspended Account Page This allows you to control what page is displayed when you suspend your own clients. You must go... WHM Shopping Cart Reset This feature will allow you to reset a client's shopping cart if it is not functioning... WHM Support Center You can submit a support request to the cPanel customer service team through the support center.... Want to know how to do something in WHM? We have movies set up to walk you through almost everything in the WHM.Web Host Manager (Flash... What is a package? A package is collection of predefined specifications which define what a user or domain may have...
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