Blacklisted ISP workaround solution

It happens over and over — users trying to send legitimate email messages are blocked from sending because the IP address that they are getting from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) for their personal computer (or small office) is on some major blacklist, like SpamHaus. 


Users invariably ask:

Why is the mail blocked even though I am sending through Outlook? What can I do about it?

1)What’s the Solution?

WebMail: One solution is to send outbound email via a WebMail service like Gmail or Hotmail.

WebMail services are accessed by a web browser (like Chrome, FireFox, or Internet Explorer) will not generally include your computer’s IP address in the message header and thus any blacklisting of your IP address will not be an issue.

How to access webmail:

username: your full emailaddress
password: your email password.

2) OK, what about sending via SMTP with your favorite Outlook or Thunderbird program?

HDWEBPROVIDER has found a workarround solution to this issue for this. With this approach, the user configures his/her email program to use the POP3 SSL encrypted port.

- Please change your port settings to: Incomming: 995
- Outgoing (SMTP): 465
- Use: SSL
- Select Checkbox This server requires encrypted connection


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