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FormMail is a very popular method of emailing the contents of a form to a user. It is relatively easy to set up and does its job well. However, spammers have found security holes in previous versions and this allows them to send mail through whatever server the account is set up on.

Since we have a very strict anti-spam policy, we cannot allow you to use your own FormMail scripts. We ask that you use the server-wide FormMail script, instead. This way, if there are any exploits found on this version of FormMail, you will not be held accountable.

If you have a need for a customized mail script, and you have one available, please contact, so that we can insure that you're mail program version does not contain any exploits.

If you already have scripts that utilize formmail, you will need to change the ACTION parameter in the FORM tag. How?

Reminder: One drawback of using the server-wide FormMail script, is that you must send the contents of the form to an address that is on your domain name. If you need the mail sent to an off-site email address, you can set up an E-Mail Forwarder to forward any mail from the email address on your domain to your off-site email address.

SUMMARY: You must use the server-wide formmail, unless another version has been approved by This helps to insure that no spam is being sent using insecure formmail scripts on the server. 

NOTE: If you are familiar with Matt's FormMail script, most of the options that are available in that FormMail are available in the server-wide formmail. However, the script is not the same. The server-wide FormMail was developed by CPanel Developers. Please do not try to contact the support team for Matt's FormMail concerning any issues.

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