How to set the catch-all E-Mail address.


Be careful when you set up a default address. This is due to possibly becoming a victim of spam. A default address allows all unrouted or misaddressed e-mail to be sent to a particular e-mail address, rather than bouncing.

We do have a video tutorial which will show you how to set your Catch-All E-Mail address located at the following URL:

To set up a catch-all e-mail address please do the following:

1.Click Mail.
2.Click “Default Address”.
3.In the drop down menu below “Send all unrouted e-mail for:” select the domain name for which you would like to set up the Catch all.
4.You will be given two different options to choose from which will determine how the unrouted or misaddressed email sent to your domain will be handled.
Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time): Choose this option if you wish for the E-mails to bounce back to the sender with a specified error message. You may choose the failure message that is given in the bounceback by filling out the "Failure Message" box.
Forward to email address: This option is the most commonly used. With this option, all unrouted or misaddressed emails will be forwarded to the e-mail address which is specified. Please be aware that by having all unrouted email go to an e-mail box, you might receive a large amount of unwanted e-mails to the point where your email box will fill.
5.Advanced Options. You must click the link "Advanced Options" to see the additional options you may choose for your default address.

Discard: This option will be used if you do not wish for any bounce back message to be sent to the sender of the unrouted e-mails.

The "Pipe to a program" option will send the email to a script of your choice. When piping to a program, you should enter a path relative to your home directory. If the script requires an interpreter such as perl or php, you should omit the "/usr/bin/perl, or /usr/bin/php portion." Make sure that your script is executable and has the appropriate Hashbang at the top of the script. If you do not know how to add the Hashbang, just make sure to name your script file with the correct extension and you will be prompted to have the Hashbang added automatically.

6.Next, click on the "Change" button to complete the set up of the default address ( Catch All Feature ).
You have just created a catch-all e-mail address.

Please keep in mind that disables the default address by default for all shared and reseller accounts. You will need to contact support through the e-mail, live chat or telephone to request that the default address is enabled.

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