How do I update my name server IPs? Print

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I just switched my hosting and I need to update my name server IPs to the ones you gave me.

If you bought your domain name from HDWEBPROVIDER™, then you may email to request this change.

If you bought your domain name from a different company, please continue to read.

Every registrar has a different process for updating name servers. Most registrars will allow you to login to their website and update your name servers through their customer interface; however, many registrars do not have a method for you to update your name servers unless you contact them.

You may be able to figure it out by following the same steps you used to originally create the private name servers. If you don't remember how you did this, please read our article on setting up private name servers.

If you still aren't sure, you will need to contact your registrar (company where you bought your domain name).

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