My domain does not have my information, why?

Sometimes the domains are registered with Brent's information because we do the registration manually. This is similar to private registration, and you can change the info anytime.

IMPORTANT: You cannot request
HDWEBPROVIDER™ to put Brent's information in your domain's whois.
If you want private registration, you must email and approve the $10 per year charge.

Also, it is not recommended to keep Brent in your whois information. You need to update the whois with your own information so that you get important updates and notifications (especially renewal instructions).
Any emails intended for you, but sent to us, will not be forwarded.
Updating Whois movie tutorial.

Updating Whois:
Please visit your domain control panel and login on the right hand side (Manage Your Domain).
Once logged in you will see the Domain Settings tab.
Next to that tab, click Contact Information.
You will now see all of the contact info for your domain. You may change this and save.

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