What are my private name server IPs? Print

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What are my private name server IPs?
How do I know which IP addresses are correct for my private name servers?

When you signed up with hdwebprovider.com hosting, we sent you a welcome email with all of your account information inside. Please refer to that email for the following information.

For ns1.yourdomain.com, the IP would be the IP address listed in your welcome email.

For ns2.yourdomain.com, the IP would the same, except the last number in increased by one.
(Example: If the IP listed in your welcome email is, your ns2.domain.com name server's IP would be

If you lost your welcome email, you can get your IP by logging in at hdwebprovider.net/billing. Once logged in, hover over the My Sites icon and click Packages. You will now see the plan you are on such as Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold, or Diamond. Click the name of the plan, and on the right hand side it will list your site's IP address.

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