HDWEBPROVIDER™ theme for cPanel

HDWEBPROVIDER™ theme for cPanel

The HDWEBPROVIDER™ themed cPanel is only offered to shared webhosting customers. It is not available for resellers or dedicated owners.

If you want to change back and forth between the old cPanel theme and the HDWEBPROVIDER™ theme, you can do this anytime.

This can be done straight from your cPanel. Simply go to the "Change Style" page (the icon for it is in the Preferences section of cPanel). The x3 style used before is called "[root]".

cPanel theme looking askew or misplaced? The HDWEBPROVIDER™ logo at the top will be gone and the register domain bar will be out of place.

We have removed the "lite graphics" for the time being. You will need to switch to "full graphics".
Simply go into cPanel and click Change Style icon.
Select [root] and hit the Change Style button.
Go to Home.
Scroll to the very bottom and click full graphics.
Return to the Change Style icon.
Select [HG] and hit the Change Style button.
Go to Home.

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