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How has HDWEBPROVIDER™ gone green?
HDWEBPROVIDER™ has purchases certified Texas Wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool its shared and reseller servers. 

How do Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) work?
Simple Answer: Basically, HDWEBPROVIDER™ has paid a Texas wind farm to generate renewable energy on its behalf.
Long Answer: When a renewable energy generator produces electricity, it has two options: a) sell the green electricity on a contract to a willing buyer or b) sell the commodity electrons to the utility managing the grid and sell the remaining Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to a third party. There is a voluntary organization called 'Green-e" that monitors such sales, which keeps the system functioning smoothly with no room for fraud. 

Do I have to pay extra for green hosting?
Nope! All of our prices have remained unchanged. 

Is this just a marketing ploy?
No. HDWEBPROVIDER™ really does want to do its part to help deal with climate change. If we were /only/ interested in marketing, we could have done a program at a much lower cost. Instead, we've implemented a very strong program at a substantial cost. 

What makes this different from other hosting companies' green hosting?
We're both powering /and/ cooling our shared and reseller servers, we've invested in wind energy to offset 130% of that electricity, and all of the wind energy is generated in our home state of Texas. As far as we know, no other hosting company has gone as far as HDWEBPROVIDER™. 

I don't believe in climate change.
We haven't raised prices at all, so you won't be paying any extra now that we've gone green. Even aside from climate change, switching to renewable energy helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil, create new jobs and improves local air quality. 

Why RECs rater than CERs or VERs?
We chose RECs because almost all of our emissions come from electricity, and RECs are the most direct way to deal with electricity related carbon emissions.

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