My account is causing high load

Not every website can be hosted on a shared hosting platform. Some plugins and software need Extra Dedicated Memory. Check with your script manufactures what the system requirements are.

In order to keep the servers stable and not going down, we must have limits in place so that one web site cannot use all or most of the resources of the server. If it uses too much the server will become overloaded and the performance will degrade, the server will start going down and all clients will experience downtime because a single web site is overloading. Obviously, we could not allow a single web site to cause problems for all web sites on the server. This is why such limits are required. Every good hosting company has such limits in place. They are set to protect clients from abusive accounts degrading the performance of the server.

Once you find which script or scripts are using most resources you need to take actions to optimize them. If you don't know how to do that you need to contact your web site developer to do that for you. If you are using free software such as Joomla, WordPress you should check for any modules you installed there that might be overloading. You will need to disable those modules to decrease the resources your web site uses. There might be also cron jobs which are run very often and use too much resources.

 Please note that not every time an optimization is possible. Upgrading to a private server will allow you to use much more resources and you will have full root access and full control over your box. All Servers are fully managed so there is nothing to worry about. If a Server is too expensive for you, you can start with the tweaks and plugins.

If you have further thoughts or questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. We appreciate your time and patience and thank you for contacting HDWEBPROVIDER™.
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