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Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework. It aims to increase the speed and ease with which database-driven web sites can be created.

RoR runs on Apache CGI.

How do I start using Ruby on Rails? You will need SSH access and follow the instructions in our support forum.

Version information:
Ruby Version : 1.8.6
Gem Version : 1.3.1
Rails Version : 2.3.2 (may need to request this update)

Currently we have the following modules installed: actionmailer actionpack actionwebservice
activerecord activesupport gnuplot
mongrel mysql tidy
xml-simple payment rake
bluecloth feedtools htmltools subversion

Additional modules (gems) can be installed by contacting HDWEBPROVIDER™ via live chat, phone, or email to along with your account details.
e.g. Capistrano


eRuby is not supported because Ruby runs as CGI on the shared servers. Additionally, eRuby requires mod_ruby to be installed, which we do not have.

The above is a list of plugins (modules/gems) not actual executable programs. Some of these modules can be installed as programs, but only on dedicated servers, not on shared.

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