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Shared: You do not have access to make that change. Please contact HDWEBPROVIDER™ via phone, live chat, or email , and we will make these changes.

You can only have access to the DNS zones on a reseller account. You must upgrade to Reseller to have that access, or you can let us make the change for you.

Reseller: Go to WHM and click Edit DNS zones, under DNS Functions.

If you don't feel comfortable, we can help make the changes for you and confirm that your other DNS settings are correct.

Here is some information to help you understand DNS zones.

Your name servers' job is to find the server and correct DNS zone in order to get the following information.

The A record points your domain to an ip address. (e.g. -> ip address)

The CNAME record points your subdomain to another domain name, like www and mail. (e.g. ->

The MX records control where your emails are received. If you want your mail hosted on another server, then this is what you will need to change. (e.g. -> server)

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