Want to know how to do something in WHM?

We have movies set up to walk you through almost everything in the WHM.

Web Host Manager (Flash Movies)

-Differences between WHM and cPanel
-Logging into WHM
-Navigating in WHM
-Adjusting bandwidth quotas
-Adjusting disk space quotas
-Checking service status and server information
-Creating an account
-Managing DNS
-Managing FrontPage extensions
-Managing packages
-Modifying MX records
-Modifying the suspended accounts page
-Parking a domain
-Resetting account passwords
-Setting up a remote access key
-Suspending and unsuspending accounts
-Terminating accounts
-Upgrading and downgrading accounts
-Using cPanel / WHM news
-Using multi-account functions
-Using the skeleton directory
-Generating and installing SSL certificates

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