WHM Interactive Knowledgebase

The Interactive Knowledgebase enables you to find solutions to many common problems you may encounter when running cPanel and WHM. Simply search for related topics to your keywords, and the Knowledgebase will present a list of solutions.

1.To access the Support Menu, click on Support, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.
2.Click on the Interactive Knowledgebase link in the Support menu.
3.Enter a brief keyword description of the problem you are having in the Enter Issue field.
Example: If you have a problem with mailman after installing suexec, enter: suexec mailman
4.Enter the domain that has the problem in the Affected Domain field, if required. This will customize any solutions you find to that domain.
5.Click on the Search for Answer button.
6.Click on the Click-to-fix! link next to the required solution. If you entered a domain as part of the search criteria, the solution script will automatically run against that domain. If you did not enter any domain as part of the search criteria, the solution script will run against your account.

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