Create a temporary one page site

Also known as a landing page or an under-construction page.

This is the perfect solution for a temporary place holder site. The site tells visitors that your real site is coming soon, and lists important information. Typically, you will include contact and order information useful for offline contact (i.e. via phone or postal mail).

How do I create that page?

The easiest option is to use the File Manager found in your control panel. (These instructions are for shared and reseller accounts, but similar steps can be used with any type of hosting.)

1. Login to cPanel and click the File Manager icon.

2.On the pop-up, choose to go to the Web Root (public_html/www) folder. Hit the Go button.

3. Here you might see cgi-bin and maybe some other files. Go to the top and click the New File button.

4. For the new file name, type "index.html" (without the quotation marks) and click the Create New File button.

5. Look for the new file you created in the main list [screenshot]. Right click the icon for index.html and choose HTML Edit from the drop down.

5. Now you have a WYSIWYG editor which makes web design seem so simple.

Tip: To insert images onto your page, you must upload them to the public_html directory first.


1. Inside the file manager, go to the top and click the Upload icon.

2. On the new window, click a Browse button and locate the images on your PC.

3. Double click the image when you find it, and wait for the blue bar to reach 100% Complete.

4. Click "Back to /home/your-user-name/public_html". The image file will now appear along with your index.html file.

5. Go back to the HTML Edit tool and click the Insert Image icon [screenshot].

6. Check the box for your image and click the Insert button at the bottom.

7. Go to the top left of the editor and click the Save icon (second from left).

8. Go preview your site. Make changes as needed.

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