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Setting Up Email for the Blackberry

You can definitely set up your Blackberry to use email.
To get to the email setup site:
If there’s an Email Setup option on your smartphone’s home screen, click it.
Alternatively, there is a setup wizard on the device which will either start automatically the first time you turn on your smartphone, or will be featured as an icon on the home screen of your smartphone. When you reach the email setup screen of the setup wizard, select "I want to create or add an email address."
Click Next.
To accept the terms of the license agreement, select the I have read and understand the End User Agreement option or check box.
Click I Agree.
To integrate an email address you already use, enter your full email address and the password for that email account.
Click Next.
The site will confirm if the email address has been successfully added. Then click OK.
To return to the setup wizard, click Log Out or Close.

You may have to re-register your device with your wireless network. Its very easy to do this. Click the Blackberry button > Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > Click the Blackberry button and choose "Register Now". This should sync your PDA with your carriers wireless network.
Older models

If you create an email address with the same name as your cPanel user name, there can be a major conflict.

When you setup an account on BIS it asks for only 2 things, e-mail address and password and tries to guess the rest. Now normally this is fine because it'll fail and ask for the real information, but because the email and username both exist, if the passwords are the same, Blackberry will accept that this data is correct, and sync the phone with the accounts default e-mail address instead of the email address.

The fix for this is ridiculously simple; just give Blackberry a false password. When it cannot authenticate it will then ask you if you want to "Re-enter account information" or "Enter the settings manually". Select Enter Settings Manually, then select "I will provide the settings to add this email account". Finally, enter the full IMAP information for your account. This will cause BIS to sync with the proper account.

Note: In the new Blackberry OS this is not the case, and this fix may not apply to the newer OS. However, this is something to try if you're stumped.

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