FTP Settings and Connection - How Do I FTP Print

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Due to IP6 Security Protocols, HDWEBPROVIDER™ servers run on Secure FTP. Please select the SFTP Protocol option in your FTP Program instead of Normal FTP.

The FTP information is in your welcome email we sent.

FTP Host/Address: (your ip address or domainname)
Protocol: SFTP
FTP User: (cPanel user name)
FTP Password: (cPanel password)
Port: 3122
Path/directory: (blank)

Be sure to upload all files and folders inside the public_html directory.
Place your CGI scripts into the cgi-bin directory.

Upload files and directories that should be accessible through HTTP protocol to the httpdocs directory, and files that should be transferred securely over SSL protocol belong in the httpsdocs directory.

Too many connections? Max number of connections from one IP is 8.

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