Paid with Creditcard / Paypal but still status UNPAID

Why is my invoice still showing unpaid?

Our payment processor for cards ( have an anti-fraud system in place that is ultimately there for your protection. Sometimes it can take up to a few hours, sometimes it's as fast as a few minutes, it varies due to different factors. (Sometimes even longer if it's on a weekend)


Examples in the past have been clients with a US credit card, paying their invoice from Europe. Or the information entered at Checkout does not match the information on the Paypal account. Another case: Creditcard is from Europe, but paid (IP location) from America etc. etc. because you are not in your country.

These are normal things that can be the case and you don't need to be worry. There is also no need to contact us to explain what the case is. Once payment processing has been completed, your account/invoices will be updated instantly. (and you will notice the paid status on your invoice) 

If for some reason, you do by any chance fail the fraud check you will be instantly contacted. At this moment I would suggest to wait a bit longer. :)

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