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WARNING: Changing your primary domain name requires that the new desired domain name is removed from the server.

Please confirm that the new primary domain name does not exist on your server as its own account, sub-domain, add-on domain or parked domain. If so, please remove the NEW domain-name and then request to change your current name.

Please Note:
If you remove an addon/subdomain through cPanel, the files for that domain will remain in the Document Root. Once the domain name change has taken place, you can then move the files to the public_html directory.

This request does not register a new domain name for you. You must register the new name first, then we will simply change the primary domain name associated with your hosting.

Please note that any SSL certificate on the old primary domain name will continue to only work for the old primary domain name.

You can ask HDWEBPROVIDER™ to change the primary domain name associated with your account.


Note: After you have registered a new domain name, or have removed the new domainname from the server, request by ticket to update your profile. There is a $5 fee to change your primary profile on the servers.

Please note that if you have a reseller account, you will need to update your ns1 and ns2 to all your domain-names.


WARNING: Because of cPanel limitations, make sure you backup and remove any addon/parked/subdomains from the account before submitting a request, or else this domain change will fail.

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