You are charging me too much money on my PayPal account. Why can't you change my subscription payment? Print

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PayPal does not allow for anyone to change your payment amount. If you need to pay us a different amount every month, you will need to cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe on the correct amount you wish to pay monthly.

We do not bill your account for extra money. It is likely you created multiple separate PayPal subscriptions, which has caused you to pay extra. We are unable to cancel any PayPal subscriptions for you, so you will need to cancel all subscriptions at this time. To do that, please see the steps below:

1.Login at (HDWEBPROVIDER™ cannot provide this login)
2.Click the My Account tab.
3.Click the History subtab.
4.Choose the Subscriptions field from the Show dropdown menu.
5.Check the From box and change the date back 2 years.
6.Click Search.
7.To view the details of a specific Subscription Creation, click Details in the Details column.
8.At the bottom of this page, click Cancel Subscription.
9.On the confirmation page, click Cancel Subscription again.
10.Repeat for all subscriptions with

The extra payments are now posted as credit on your account which will automatically subtract from future invoices. Once this credit is depleted, please re-initiate the subscription on a future invoice.

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