Custom Website Maintenance

I apologize, but we do not support any site design or coding.

We often get requests from customers who would like to make changes in their websites; usually because their designer is not available or they cannot perform the request their self.

Since, HDWEBPROVIDER™ is a webhost, our linux, mysql and domains support technicians are not scripters.
However, to help customers with their requests, we have teamed up with some scripters that can perform these tasks on an administrative billable time.

The price is $20 per hour and you will be notified in advanced how long is needed to complete your request.
Once agreed, we pass your ticket over to the best suit scripter that can perform your request.

Please open a ticket to the maintenance department to make your request.
Always include your ftp, login credentials and the software used (joomla, wordpress, html, etc.).

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