What does a welcome email look like?

There are several different variations due to the package types.


Welcome to the HDWEBPROVIDER™- New Account information

Your Domain: something.com
Your Username: somtin
Your Password: Pa33word 
Your sites IP address: 

Your name servers: 
Until your DNS has changed over to our nameservers, you can access your cPanel at: 

You can view your site before the DNS has been resolved at: 

If you purchased your domain name with us, the above links will allow you to view your domain before it has resolved. Your domain may not be viewable for the first 24 to 48 hours depending on your location.

There is a file called default.html in your public_html folder. This page will give you basic links and information on how to get started. You're welcome to delete this file or upload an index.html file in the public_html folder. Once that is completed, the default.html file will not show by default.

Please be sure to read:
Please, sign up at https://hdwebprovider.net/clients
You can find answers to your questions in our customer knowledge base. Please visit http://hdwebprovider.net/clients for helpful resources, and frequently asked questions.

Please note:
Any email sent by your account within the next 12 hours will not be delivered to the recipient. After 12 hours, and any applicable DNS propagation, mail should arrive as normal.

Best regards,

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